Approaching Peace

To create peace we have developed workshops that encourage participants to discover values and principles that are necessary for peace. Themes for the workshops include:

  1. Earth and Ecology. Earth is the supreme living organism and we are part of her, the one that has the ability to build relationships.
  2. Myself and the other. In the Earth I am and there is the other. Who am I, who is the other? What are our human resources, our skills?
  3. Gender. Women and men deserve to live in harmony building a common destiny. Respect of equality.
  4. Human rights and obligations. Everyone on Earth enjoys rights and also obligations. These rights extend to humankind as well as animals and the environment.
  5. Conflict transformation and reconciliation. If we do not respect rights and the obligations, we have conflict. Conflict transformation and reconciliation are necessary, basic element of human life.
  6. Economics. From Greek, oikos = house, nomos = law. The law of Mother Earth is that everyone has what is necessary for life. Private property is not sacred; sacred is that everyone has the necessities of life.
  7. Politics. Societies need to organize themselves to ensure good living for everyone. The highest form of organizing until now is through politics to ensure democracy.