Approaching Sustainability

We work with partners to provide education and training:

  • Rancho Ebenezer in Nicaragua:
  1. Diversified agricultural production.
  2. Diversified livestock production in minor species.
  3. Techniques of soil and water conservation.
  4. Transfer of seedlings for fodder, fruit, reforestation, and natural medicine.
  • Honduran Ecumenical Institute for Community Service (INEHSCO)
  1. Returning to our roots to recover our natural healing arts.
  2. Training in the healing value of medicinal plants.
  3. Collection of medicinal plants for processing natural products.
  4. Conservation and proper use of natural resources.
  • Alternative Community Marketing Network - COMAL
  1. Concept of Community Store: the values and principles behind it.
  2. Benefits offered by the Community Store.
  3. Requirements for the operation of the Community Store.
  4. Functions and shop managers.
  5. Accounting.