The ALAS Foundation (Foundation for Sustainability and Peacemaking in Mesoamerica) has two components: the first focuses on the development of values and principles of peace, expanding on those that exist in our culture, spirituality, and beliefs; the second addresses sustainable economic development and care for the environment.

ALAS (which means “wings” in Spanish) works in Central America and Chiapas (Mesoamerica). ALAS concentrates its work mainly in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador due to the high level of violence in these three countries. For the months of May and June, ALAS is facilitating 7 workshops for peace: 2 in Guatemala, 4 in El Salvador, and 1 in Honduras.

We are currently planning to launch our “Chicken Project” and need your support. In these countries lack of food is rampant among the rural population and poor neighborhoods in the cities. This year, meteorologists have announced a very dry season, which means loss of food production in the countryside. The Chicken Project has a significant impact on the lives of the peasants. Chickens play a very important role in their diet and the peasants are familiar with raising and caring for the birds. I was born in the countryside and I know the importance of an egg for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The project provides six-month-old cocks that produce organic eggs for the community. We have started with the first two projects at a cost of $448.

The cost of a chicken project:

Six chickens and rooster $80

Chicken coop $95

Drinker and feeder $22

Food for a month $27

Total $224

Can you help cover the cost of $224 to bring a Chicken Project to a community in need? If this is too much perhaps you can cover a portion of the cost?

Your contribution to these projects is very much appreciated. Every donation helps move us toward this important goal.