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Monsignor Romero: Pastor, Prophet, and Martyr

Introductory note to this chapter

This chapter is special for me because it deals with my last days in El Salvador and because I want for it to constitute my personal testimony on Monsignor Oscar Romero. I believe that he is a martyr, that he is a saint, and above all, that he is the greatest symbol of our people's desire for justice and peace. He symbolizes our greatest ideals and our hopes. I wrote this chapter during my years of exile in Nicaragua, a country for which I wish the best of luck.

The scope of this chapter

It is not easy for me to write about Mons. Romero. Too many deeds and words rush to my mind: all are tied to his life and the lives of the Salvadoran people. Without any pretension, I want to tell the reader about a few of these deeds and words which, I believe, changed him and gave a new historical sense to the Church and to our country, El Salvador, which he served. I do not seek to make a theological analysis or present a systematization of his eminently prophetic ministry. That is the work of scripturalists, theologians, and those who study ministry.