• Nueva Guinea, Southern Atlantic Region. Nicaragua. We facilitated a dozen workshops about Earth and Ecology in this region that was completely deforested, the rivers depleted, and the soil deteriorated. Today the landscape has changed.
  • URACCAN University adopted the Mesoamerica Peace Movement (MPM) and offered a certified course with credits and a weekly radio program.
  • Ticuantepe, Pacific side. We facilitated workshops about Earth and Ecology to a group of 22 war veterans interested in changing their agricultural practices. They were trained in organic farming, soil conservation, alternative fertilization, planting water. Ticuantepe is the aquifer that provides water for Managua.
  • Anexo de Villa Venezuela, Managua. 18 seniors, 80% women, are participating in a process of recuperating their knowledge about alternative medicine. They have started with the plants that they have in their backyards and planting new ones, processing them and using them for health. One of the members has started her own medicinal shop. This activity came after participating in the workshop about Earth and Ecology.
  • Supporting the Salvadoran MMP. Nicaraguans are visiting Salvadorans to teach them methods for treating accumulated pain and grief due to the war and ongoing violence. This is an application of the workshop about Myself and the Other.